Address Quality Equals Success
Decisions made about address quality affect your ability to reach valued customers. Cost-effective and timely delivery of every mail-piece depends on a valid address containing complete and accurate address elements. There are many Address Quality products and services designed to help business mailers resolve these addressing challenges, keep postage budgets in line and achieve total address quality.

We Have the Tools You Need
The United States Postal Service® National Customer Support Center (NCSC) in Memphis, Tennessee is the premier resource center for business mailers. The NCSC provides value-added, innovative products, services and technical expertise to enable USPS® business customers to better manage the quality of their address data. Savvy mailers take full advantage of these mailing tools to standardize, validate and update address data.

It is easy to see the benefits of your mailpieces reaching their intended audience quickly and with the greatest cost savings. To achieve Total Address Quality you must:

Standardize your Address Data
It is important to start with a standardized address that is correctly formatted. Using standard abbreviations and correct spellings allows each element of the address to be matched against the Postal Service™ ZIP + 4® database for proper ZIP + 4 code assignment. ZIP + 4 coding is a prerequisite for barcoding and receiving cost saving automation discounts.

Using CASS Certified™ software to standardize address databases will help you further realize the Total Address Quality vision and allow you to:

Validate Address Data
Once you have a quality standardized address to work with, you should take the next step and validate that the address is a valid delivery point within the USPS delivery database. There are several tools available to secure the vision.

CASS Certified software offers enhancements to validate addresses. Ask a software or service provider about using the DPV® product with a process which will confirm that the addresses in a database are valid delivery points. Using the LACSLink® product to update rural style addresses into city style addresses helps assure timely delivery.

Validation solutions exist for troublesome addresses as well. Virtually every mail list is plagued with addresses that seem irresolvable. AEC enables you to submit your "bad" addresses for resolution through the Postal Service using enhanced computer logic. Going a step further, AECII uses Postal carriers to identify and correct address errors as well as identify addresses that do not exist.

To secure the Total Address Quality vision and have utmost confidence in the deliverability of address data:

Update your Address Data
You can see that a quality address certainly makes the difference in delivering your mailpiece to a valid delivery point. But the 40 million Americans who move every year and the possible physical address changes to route or ZIP Code™ information can create formidable obstacles in maintaining a high-quality mailing list.

Pre-mailing tools such as Electronic Address Sequencing (EAS), Computerized Delivery Sequence (CDS), and the ANKLink® and SUITELink™ products are designed to provide you with the latest information for the addresses in your database. The NCOALink®product will tell you if your existing customer has filed a change of address record - before you mail to their "old" address.

ACS™ service provides address change information electronically for forwarded mail, giving you another opportunity to maintain up-to-date addresses for customers who have moved.

Keeping current addresses on file is essential to reaching your valued customers. Now you can stay on top of the constant changes to your address data by utilizing the update products and services available.

The necessary steps to standardize, validate and update your address data can really pay off in contacting and retaining that very important customer. Let the USPS® suite of address cleansing products help. For information about any of these products or services, visit the Addressing and Service Related Publications or call the NCSC at 800-238-3150.

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