Polywrap Manufacturers


USPS-T-3204, "Test Procedures for Automatable Polywrap Film," describes exact test procedures and acceptable values for the new polywrap film characteristics for polywrap to be used on mailings of automation-rate flat-size mailpieces as of August 8, 2011. It also provides a list of testing laboratories that have experience in conducting these tests.

Polywrap Manufacturers with Polywrap Approved under New Specifications

The "Polywrap Manufacturers" link is a downloadable document which lists polywrap manufacturers and distributors of polywrap approved for use on automation rate flat-size mailpieces in compliance with DMM standards effective February 1, 2007. Mailers may use polywrap in this list immediately, but are required to use approved polywrap from this list as of March 4, 2007 when using polywrap on automation rate flat-size First-Class Mail, Periodicals, and Standard Mail, and on barcoded Bound Printed Matter mailpieces.

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