File Name and Description:
A Complete Guide to Processing PAFs
Advertising Technical Guide
The purpose of this guide is to assist Licensees in their creation of clear and concise marketing materials for their USPS® Licensed Products.
Alternative PAF Renewal Policy
ANKLink® Information November 4, 2009
Compliance Testing Form
Continuity of Operations Site Certification Procedures
These procedures and materials outline the requirements to perform NCOALink® processing at Licensee's back up site in the event of a disaster.
Derivative Product Clarification
Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Web Access Request Form
Form to access NCOALink Daily Delete files
Licensing and Certification Key Personnel Form
Modifications to NCOALink® Licenses
NCOALink® Associated Costs and Fees
NCOALink® Daily Delete Files and Delete Header Files
NCOALink® Developer Documents
NCOALink® Distributor Documents
NCOALink® End User Documents
NCOALink® End User Monthly EPF Fulfillment
NCOALink® Federal Register Notice 7/1/2003
NCOALink® Fulfillment Schedules 2014
NCOALink® Full Service Provider Documents
NCOALink® Limited Service Provider Documents
NCOALink® MPE Documents
NCOALink® Reporting and Technical Changes required by October 1, 2009
NCOALink® User Technical Reference Guide
NCOALink Reports Master File Descriptions
A master document of all monthly reporting layouts for NCOALink Licensees.
PIT Meeting Minutes 08/25/04
A list of trademarks and registrations for the USPS®
2010 NCOALink® PIT Conference Minutes
2008 NCOALink® Conference Minutes
2008 NCOALink® Conference Presentation
2008 NCOALink® Conference Q&As