Full Service 2012 Releases

June 2012 Release Technical Specifications and Guides


As of 07/06/2012, final technical specifications and guides for the June 2012 release are now available.

Postal Service Mail.dat Technical Specifications:

  1. Postal Service Mail.dat Technical Specification (includes R30, 31and R32) (PDF)

Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specifications:

Appointment Scheduling (FAST) Release 21

  1. FAST Mail.XML 8.0B (PDF)
  2. FAST Mail.XML 10.0 (PDF)
  3. FAST Mail.XML 12.0A (PDF)

Profiles and Full Service Feedback (Data Distribution-(DD)) Release 31

  1. DD Mail.XML 10.0A (PDF)
  2. DD Mail.XML 11.0D (PDF)
  3. DD Mail.XML 12.0A (PDF)

Mailer IDs (MID) and Customer Registration IDs (CRID) Release 31

  1. MID-CRID Mail.XML 10.0 (PDF)
  2. MID-CRID Mail.XML 11.0D (PDF)
  3. MID-CRID Mail.XML 12.0A (PDF)

Postage Payment and Reporting (eDoc) Release 31

  1. eDoc Mail.XML 11.0D (PDF)
  2. eDoc Mail.XML 12.0A (PDF)


  1. R21 FAST User Guide – Customer Origin Entry (PDF)
  2. R21 FAST User Guide – Customer Drop Ship (PDF)
  3. R21 FAST Customer CSA Guide (PDF)
  4. eVS Publications and Instructions
  5. Pub 401 Guide to Manifest Mailing System