Full Service 2012 Releases

Technical Specifications and Guides


As of 02/03/2012, updated technical specifications and guides for the January 2012 release are now available. Please note that the requirements in these documents related to the price change in January 2012 are subject to change at any time up to the schedule implementation date.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Postal Service Mail.dat Technical Specification (includes R30 and R31) (PDF)

Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specifications:

Appointment Scheduling (FAST) Release 29

  1. FAST Mail.XML 8.0B (PDF)
  2. FAST Mail.XML 10.0 (PDF)

Profiles and Full Service Feedback (Data Distribution-(DD)) Release 29

  1. DD Mail.XML 8.1 (PDF)
  2. DD Mail.XML 10.0A (PDF)
  3. DD Mail.XML 11.0D (PDF)

Mailer IDs (MID) and Customer Registration IDs (CRID) Release 29

  1. MID-CRID Mail.XML 8.1 (PDF)
  2. MID-CRID Mail.XML 10.0 (PDF)
  3. MID-CRID Mail.XML 11.0D (PDF)

Postage Payment and Reporting (eDoc) Release 29

  1. eDoc Mail.XML 10.0C (PDF)
  2. eDoc Mail.XML 11.0D (PDF)


  1. R19 FAST User Guide – Customer Origin Entry (PDF)
  2. R19 FAST User Guide – Customer Drop Ship (PDF)
  3. R19 FAST Customer CSA Guide (PDF)


  1. Pub 401 Guide to Manifest Mailing System (PDF)