Intelligent Mail® Services

Getting Started with Full-Service for Letters and Flats

Full-Service Intelligent Mail offers mailers elimination of permit fees, address correction and visibility and tracking of mailings. See the Full-Service Intelligent Mail Fact Sheet for more information.

Key Requirements for Full-Service

Full-Service Mailing Solutions
1. Commercial Mailing Software
Mailing software vendors offer easy, ready-

to-go solutions for preparing and submitting Full-Service mailings.

For a summary list of vendors that offer dynamic Full-Service solutions and have tested their software, reference the Certified Full-Service Vendor Summary List.
For more detail on Commercial Mailing Software, see this RIBBS page.

2. Mail Service Providers (MSPs)
Offer a wide variety of services for Mail Owners
Talk to your MSP to learn more about the Full-Service solutions they offer

3. USPS Intelligent Mail for Small Business (IMsb) Tool
Online tool to help small business mailers (mailing less than 10,000 pieces per mailing) prepare Full-Service mailings with Intelligent Mail barcodes and tray labels. For more information, see this page on the Business Customer Gateway.

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