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The US Postal Service has submitted a pricing proposal to add "Zone 9" for domestic mail service provided to the Freely Associated States (FAS).

In preparation for the addition of Zone 9, the January 2014 Zone Chart release will be prepared to identify Zone "9" for specific 5-Digit ZIP Codes. To accommodate the proposal, an additional Zone Chart Exceptions File will be incorporated into the Zone Chart product beginning with the January 1, 2014 Zone Chart release.

Download a sample Zone Chart and Exceptions Test File to help prepare you for the additional file. The test files are encrypted so contact labellist.ncsc@usps.gov or call 800-238-3150 Option 1 for the password to open the file.

The National Zone Charts Matrix is used to assist mailers in determining the distance that a mailpiece travels based on the ZIP™ Code where the mailpiece enters the mailstream (origination) and the ZIP Code that will deliver the mailpiece to the addressee (destination).

Postage rates for certain classes of mail are based on mailpiece weight as well as the distance a mailpiece travels. Please note, the matrix does not contain postage rates, only zone information. Individual Zone Charts are located on the Postal Explorer website at http://postcalc.usps.gov/ZoneCharts/.

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