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2014 National Postal Forum Presentations – Stronger Together

Information Innovation Inspiration

Gain new insight into mail acceptance,

addressing, preparation options and business intelligence solutions that ensure timely delivery. Learn how to achieve complete, correct and current addresses, and why it's important to leverage the latest in postal software and software returns codes that all software products provide.

At the 2014 National Postal Forum held in National Harbor, MD, March 16-19, Postal managers from the National Customer Support Center delivered the following presentations designed to help mailers understand:

  • What the variety of Service Type IDs (STIDs) can do for you as you direct the USPS on how you want your mail handled and what information you want back.
  • What are the strengths and benefits of the two major Move Update products:
    NCOALink® provides change-of-address (COA) information before your mail; ACS™ provides COA information after your mail – which is better?
  • What's the point of sending something if it never arrives? Understanding the options and their associated costs and benefits will help you determine the most effective way to minimize your UAA Mail and improve the ROI of your mailings. Compare practical hands-on tools and techniques proven to convert 75% to 95% of UAAs back into deliverable addresses.
  • Coming soon to RIBBS®, a search feature that will allow you to locate specific references and documents related to your search. The RSS feed on RIBBS allows you to subscribe to updates/changes made to the page or document of interest.

If you have any questions about address quality, please contact the National Customer Support Center at 800-238-3150.

Contact Information:

  • National Postal Forum Presentations
  • Phone: 800-238-3150
  • Email: ribbsfeedback@usps.gov
  • Page updated: 03/28/2014


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