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Welcome to the MTEOR Home Page!

The Mail Transport Equipment Ordering System (MTEOR) provides a fast, reliable, and convenient place for Mailers to request mail transport equipment (MTE) directly from a Postal Plant or a MTESC. Mailers who request at least one pallet (approximately 100 pieces) of stacked trays, tubs, sacks or sleeves, any quantity of plastic pallets, or rolling stock from a Postal plant should use MTEOR.

Announcements!  Announcements!

Reports at your fingertips!
Mailers can view helpful reports directly from the MTEOR Dashboard! Click on the "Report Suite" link in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard to get started. We will continue to expand this information so keep checking back. For more details, click on the Report Suite for Mailers one-pager.

NOTE for MTESC Mailers: The "Mailer Inventory Report" is only available through the MTEOR Dashboard. You can check your inventory status 24/7 through MTEOR! Beginning October 1, 2015, there will no longer be separate emails for the inventory weekly submission reminder or the roll-up report emails

How to report MTE inventory MTESC Mailers ONLY How to report MTE inventory MTESC Mailers ONLY
What is MTAC User Group 007 What is MTAC User Group 007

Conversion Graphic for Ordering MTE Sleeves and Trays

Need MTEOR Help?

Please contact the MTEOR Help Desk at 1-866-330-3404 or MTEOR@usps.gov.

The MTEOR Help Desk is available:
Monday – Friday
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Time)

Contact Information:


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