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Programs accessible via the Business Customer Gateway. This environment will allow mailers to test upcoming system functionality on these services before the next software release.

The Online Enrollment service allows customers to enroll in and manage different USPS package products and the Incentive Programs service offers customers various USPS promotions and incentives for business mail.

Presentation slides from training on the two topics:

Related User Guides:

Full-Service MIDS and CRIDS

The Business Customer Gateway

Full-Service Feedback

To start the online events
At least 30 minutes before the starting time:

1. Go to the Web Event address for attendees
2. Log in to your host account if you have not yet done so.
3. On the Event Information page that appears, click "Start Now".

To review the new requirements for Intelligent Mail parcel barcodes, access the recorded webinar and presentation at the following links:

Intelligent Mail Package Barcodes

Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2014
IMpb Training Presentation with Notes
IMpb Training Slides Only
Link to Recording

Contact Information:


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