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PostalOne!®& BIDS Releases Production Deployment
PostalOne! & BIDS Releases will deploy Sunday, September 20, 2015 between 4:00AM CT and 9:00AM CT. The PostalOne! system will be unavailable during the deployment time. Please note the following regarding the Mail.dat® client.

  • New Mail.dat® client download will be made available during this release. This download will be optional and users can continue to submit files using Mail.dat client Version
  • Mail.dat® client download will continue to be supported.
  • Please Note: Mail.dat® client download will continue to be supported. (Please disregard previous messaging which stated this version would not be supported).

Click Here to access release notes for PostalOne! Release 41.3.0.

PostalOne! & BIDS Releases Deployment to Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) will also occur Sunday, September 20, 2015. The PostalOne! TEM environment validation will occur on Monday

morning September 21, 2015 between 09:00AM CT and 11:00AM CT.

Seamless Acceptance and Service Performance (SASP) Release will deploy this Sunday, September 20, 2015 between 4:00 AM CT and 9:00 AM CT. This release includes fixes to known SASP issues to include updates to select Full-Service and Seamless Verifications.

May 2015 Price Change Fact Sheet
For your convenience, a May 2015 Price Change Fact Sheet is available which provides a high level overview of the upcoming changes.

Guide to Seamless Acceptance
The Seamless Acceptance program promotes an automated process for entry and verification of mail leveraging electronic documentation, Intelligent Mail barcodes, samples collected from handheld devices, and mail processing equipment scan intelligence. The latest version of the Guide to Seamless Acceptance is available for download on the RIBBS Guides and Specs page or directly by clicking here.

Known Issues - Mailer Scorecard Reports
The Postal Service has been working with the mailing industry to validate the accuracy of the Mailer Scorecard Reports (Full-Service Electronic Verification, eInduction, Seamless Acceptance) to help identify system issues when they occur and to validate when those issues are corrected. We are continuing to work aggressively to address issues with the reports that are impacting a small percentage of mailings and specific mailing scenarios. The mailing industry is encouraged to start using the reports again beginning November 16, 2014.

The Mailer Scorecard External Issues List 10/06/2015 contains a listing of specific issues impacting the Mailer Scorecard reports for Full-Service, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance, the scenarios in which they occur and the scheduled dates they will be fixed. A Read Me tab describing each column of the report is included in the first tab.

PostalOne! Contingency Plan
The new PostalOne! Contingency Plans for external and internal customers are available. Key changes include the process for mailers submitting electronic mailing information, a process for delayed file transmissions and inclusion of the process for Electronic Verification System (eVS) mailers. Click here for the external plan.

TEM Process for Mailers
The Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) has been simplified for mailers to submit Full-Service test mailings using presort software that has already been validated by the Postal Service. A list of software vendors who have successfully validated their products is in this summary list of authorized vendors.

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