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For those new to Full-Service Intelligent Mail, there are several guides, specifications and manuals that will get you started and give a broad overview of the fundamentals of the program.

The Postal Service has three key initiatives to streamline the acceptance, induction, and verification of commercial mailings: Full-Service Intelligent Mail, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance. These key initiatives leverage existing technology to:

  • Improve mail quality by sharing information on mail preparation, identification of trends as well as trend-based quality measurements
  • Simplify the induction of mailings through automated and standardized acceptance, verification, and induction processes
  • Provide end-to-end visibility through scan data

These changes allow for greater insight into mail quality and reporting.

Mail Entry Roadmap (PDF)

Federal Register Notice August 21, 2008: Implementation of New Standards for Intelligent Mail Barcodes (PDF)

Full-Service Intelligent Mail

Seamless Acceptance

  • Guide to Seamless Acceptance (PDF)

Special Payment Programs

  • Copalletization Program Standards (PDF)
  • eVS Publications and Instructions (PDF)
  • DSMS Program Standards (PDF)
  • Pub 401 Guide to Manifest Mailing System (PDF)
  • STD Tray Bundle Program Standards (PDF)


  • Guide to eInduction (PDF)
  • eInduction Surface Visibility Sites (EXCEL)

Mailer Scorecard / MicroStrategy Reports

  • Mail Quality Reporting User Guide (PDF)
  • MicroStrategy Report Retirement User Guide (PDF)
  • MicroStrategy Tips and Tricks (PDF)
  • MicroStrategy Workarounds (PDF)
  • Guide to the Mailer Scorecard (PDF)

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