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For those new to Full-Service Intelligent Mail, there are several guides, specifications and manuals that will get you started and give a broad overview of the fundamentals of the program.

The Postal Service has three key initiatives to streamline the acceptance, induction, and verification of commercial mailings: Full-Service Intelligent Mail, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance. These key initiatives leverage existing technology to:

  • Improve mail quality by sharing information on mail preparation, identification of trends as well as trend-based quality measurements
  • Simplify the induction of mailings through automated and standardized acceptance, verification, and induction processes
  • Provide end-to-end visibility through scan data

These changes allow for greater insight into mail quality and reporting.

Mail Entry Roadmap (PDF)

Streamlined Mail Entry Publication (PDF)

Federal Register Notice August 21, 2008: Implementation of New Standards for Intelligent Mail Barcodes (PDF)

Full-Service Intelligent Mail

Seamless Acceptance

  • Guide to Seamless Acceptance (PDF)

Special Payment Programs

  • Copalletization Program Standards (PDF)
  • eVS Publications and Instructions (PDF)
  • DSMS Program Standards (PDF)
  • Pub 401 Guide to Manifest Mailing System (PDF)
  • STD Tray Bundle Program Standards (PDF)


  • Guide to eInduction (PDF)
  • eInduction Surface Visibility Sites (EXCEL)

Mailer Scorecard / MicroStrategy Reports

  • Mail Quality Reporting User Guide (PDF)
  • MicroStrategy Report Retirement User Guide (PDF)
  • MicroStrategy Tips and Tricks (PDF)
  • MicroStrategy Workarounds (PDF)
  • Guide to the Mailer Scorecard (PDF)

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