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Release 9.1
The Business Customer Gateway Release 9.1 deployment scheduled for November 2 will be delayed until January 2015 due to changes in the USPS production schedule.

Business Customer Gateway (BCG) Overview
The BCG gives you a single entry point for Postal Service online business services such as:

  • Intelligent Mail Products and Services
  • Business Mailing Activity and Reports
  • Scheduling Mailing Appointments
  • Mailer IDs (MIDs)
  • Incentive Programs and Information
  • Shipping Service Programs

To learn more about the redesigned BCG click on the links below:

  • BCG Release Notes 6.0 (PDF)
  • Business Customer Gateway May 2014 Presentation (PDF)
  • Business Customer Gateway May 31, 2013 Webinar (webinar recording)

Business Customer Gateway

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