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Getting Started with Full-Service for Letters and Flats

Full-Service Intelligent Mail offers mailers elimination of permit fees, address correction and visibility and tracking of mailings. See the Full-Service Intelligent Mail Fact Sheet for more information.

Key Requirements for Full-Service

  • Apply unique Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) to each postcard, letter, and flat
  • Apply unique Intelligent Mail tray barcode (IMtb) to trays and sacks
  • Apply unique Intelligent Mail container barcode (IMcb) to placards for containers (i.e. pallets) when required
    • Small volume mailings entered at a BMEU typically do not need an IMcb. See Using Container Placards for more information
  • Submit postage statements and mailing documentation electronically
    • Solutions are available for small, medium and large volume mailers

Full-Service Mailing Solutions
1. Commercial Mailing Software

Mailing software vendors offer easy, ready-to-go solutions for preparing and submitting Full-Service mailings.

For a summary list of vendors that offer dynamic Full-Service solutions and have tested their software, reference the Certified Full-Service Vendor Summary List.
For more detail on Commercial Mailing Software, see this RIBBS page.

2. Mail Service Providers (MSPs)
Offer a wide variety of services for Mail Owners
Talk to your MSP to learn more about the Full-Service solutions they offer

3. USPS Intelligent Mail for Small Business (IMsb) Tool
Online tool to help small business mailers (mailing less than 10,000 pieces per mailing) prepare Full-Service mailings with Intelligent Mail barcodes and tray labels. For more information, see this page on the Business Customer Gateway.

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Important Updates

Standard Mail DSCF Load Leveling Final Rule Published in the Federal Register

The Postal Service has released its Federal Register final rule revising the service standards for Standard Mail that is eligible for Destination Sectional Center Facility (DSCF) rates. These changes will allow a more balanced distribution of DSCF Standard Mail across delivery days. With its new rules, USPS is extending delivery expectation to four days for mail entered on Friday and Saturday. National Implementation began April 10, 2014.

January 2014 Price Change Fact Sheets

Getting Started with Full-Service Intelligent Mail

PostalOne! Contingency Plan

For mailers unable to submit electronic information, click here for the PostalOne! Contingency Plan.


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