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Customers seeking assistance with technical mailpiece design questions can reach a Mailpiece Design Analyst (MDA) directly by calling the MDA Customer Service Help Desk.

Contacting a Mailpiece Design Analyst
The MDA Customer Service Help Desk is available to all customers, internal and external, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00AM and 5:00PM Central, excluding holidays.

Get directly connected with an MDA by calling 1-855-593-6093 or send an email to MDA@usps.gov.

Mailpiece Design Analyst Customer Service Help Desk Open Line for Mailers
Open Line webinars to answer mailer questions about the new MDA Customer Service Help Desk process were held between August 18, 2014 through September 18, 2014. Please see the MDA Open Line for Mailers Presentation and MDA Help Desk Open Line FAQs listed under Important Links.

Services Provided by MDAs
MDAs have specialized industry expertise and can assist with:

  • Technical mailpiece design questions
  • Mailpiece Analysis and Physical Review
  • ABRM Tool Assistance and Reply Mail Artwork Requests
  • Advice and Evaluations on Mailpieces for Automation Compatibility
  • Providing Information on Intelligent Mail
  • Hand Held Templates
  • Other Tests, Reviews and Services related to the Design of a Mailpiece

Provided the MDA has the information needed, MDA Customer Service Help Desk Tickets will be created for the customer within 24 hours. MDAs will attempt to provide a resolution to the customer within 48 hours. If the MDA cannot offer a resolution, they will provide updates of their progress to the customer every 48 hours.

MDA Customer Service Help Desk Ticket/Reference Numbers
When contacting the MDA Support Center, please be ready to provide your contact information which will be used to create your MDA Customer Service Help Desk profile. Once the profile is created, MDAs can assign ticket/reference numbers for your inquiries. Ticket numbers can be used to connect you directly with the MDA assigned to your inquiry when calling the MDA Customer Service Help Desk or to help route e-mails to your assigned MDA.

To expedite your request regarding NEW inquiries, please provide the following:

  • Contact name, company name, address, email address, phone number
  • Supporting documentation including: Processing Category (i.e., card, letter, double postcard, self-mailer, or flat); Class of Mail (First-Class, Periodicals, Standard, etc.); Postage Payment Method (Permit Imprint, Stamps, Meter, Pre-cancelled Stamps, etc.); and if the piece will be pre-barcoded (automation-compatible, Full-Service).
  • If applicable, include an electronic image of the mailpiece to be evaluated.
  • For Reply Mail evaluations include a pdf file with crop marks and/or fold/perforation lines at 100% (no scaling).

Helpful tips and links for generating Reply Mail Artwork:

  • To generate your own Business Reply Mail® (BRM), Qualified Business Reply™(QBRM), Meter Reply Mail (MRM), and Courtesy Reply Mail™ (CRM) artwork, access the Automated Business Reply Mail (ABRM) tool through the Business Customer Gateway or go to Reply Mail.
  • For BRM and QBRM you will need to complete a PS Form 6805, a valid PostalOne! BRM permit number and USPS-assigned 9-digit Business Reply ZIP+4 Code from the Post Office where the mail will be returned. You will also need a Mailer ID (MID)
  • To apply for a Mailer ID, visit our Business Customer Gateway

For questions concerning business mail preparation, acceptance, or permit information, mailers should consult with their local Post Office® or Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) where they hold their permits and deposit their mail. You can locate the phone number and address of your District Business Mail Entry Office for assistance by clicking on the following link: District Business Mail Entry Locator.

We value your feedback. Please take a moment to answer a short survey regarding your MDA Customer Service experience. The survey will only take 5 to 10 minutes and will help us to improve customer service. Click Here to begin the survey. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Information:

  • MDA Customer Service Help Desk
  • Phone: 855-593-6093
  • Email: MDA@USPS.GOV
  • Page updated: 9/03/2015


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