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The National Center for Employee Development (NCED) for the U.S. Postal Service® developed a Mail Design Professional (MDP) curriculum that provides industry workers with tools and information needed to design automation-compatible mail that receives lower postage rates.

Register for the program on the Business Mail Academy web site

The following subject areas are offered in the MDP program curriculum…

Web Site Navigation Tools

  • Navigating the USPS.com web site
  • Using Postal Explorer® program
  • Useful URLs for mail design

Content & Characteristics

  • Mailability
  • Minimum and Maximum dimensions
  • Processing Categories

Machinable/Nonmachinable Criteria

  • Minimum Machinable Eligibility Requirements
  • Nonmachinable Letters and Nonletters
  • Nonmachinable Surcharge

Classes of Mail & Miscellaneous

  • Classes of Mail
  • Customized MarketMail® Service
  • Official Election Mail logos
  • Repositionable Notes
  • Imitation Stamps and Markings
  • Reusable Mailpieces

Basic Addressing

  • Standardized Addressing
  • Alternative Addressing Formats
  • Address Information Products
  • Address Update Services

Forwarding and Related Services

  • Ancillary Service Endorsements (ASE)
  • Move Update Methods
  • Postal Automated Redirection System (PARS)

Barcoding Formats and Print Specifications

  • POSTNET Barcodes
  • Intelligent Mail Barcodes
  • Mailer ID
  • Elements of a Delivery Point Barcode
  • CONFIRM® Service
  • PLANET® Barcodes
  • Parcel Barcodes

Designing Automation Mail

  • Automation Letters
  • Letter-Size Mailpiece Construction
  • Requirements for Automation Flats
  • Addressing Automation Flats
  • Polywrap

Extra Services

  • Certification of Privately Printed Labels
  • Features of Certified Mail™ COD, Insured, Registered Mail™, Return
  • Receipt, and Return Receipt for Merchandise Mail

Designing Reply Mail

  • Business Reply Mail® Service
  • Courtesy Reply Mail™ Service
  • Meter Reply Mail
  • Merchandise Return Service
  • PostalOne!® and Automated Business Reply Mail™ Services

Register for the program on the Business Mail Academy web site

  • Page updated: 06/23/2014
Important Updates

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Coming Soon: PostalPro

The RIBBS website has been redesigned and is in the process of transitioning to a new home called PostalPro. www.postalpro
will become the primary source for USPS mailing information.

PostalPro leverages powerful search functionality, intuitive navigation, and a modernized, mobile-friendly design.

Upcoming 2017 Releases

Upcoming 2017 Releases

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PostalOne! Contingency Plan

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