eLOT Product was developed to give mailers the ability to sort their mailings in approximate carrier-casing sequence.

To aid in mail sortation, eLOT contains an eLOT sequence number field and an ascending/descending code. The eLOT sequence number indicates the first occurrence of delivery made to the add-on range within the carrier route, and the ascending/descending code indicates the approximate delivery order within the sequence number. eLOT processing may be used by mailers to qualify for enhanced carrier route presort discounts.

The United States Postal Service® requires address lists to be processed through CASS Certified™ ZIP + 4® addressing-matching software before being processed against eLOT Product. Non ZIP + 4 coded records may not be used with this product.

For more information about eLOT, contact the National Customer Support Center at 1-800-238-3150.

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