Ancillary Service Endorsements

Ancillary Service Endorsements allow the sender to obtain the addressee's new (forwarding) address (provided the appropriate endorsement is used and if the addressee filed a Change-of-Address Order with the Postal Service) or the reason for non-delivery.

Detailed information about Ancillary Service Endorsements by mail class can be found in DDM 507.1.5.

Undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail is forwarded, returned to sender, or discarded as authorized for the particular mail class. A mailer endorsement is used to instruct the Postal Service regarding the appropriate disposition upon determining that it is UAA. A return address is required on the face of the mailpiece when using ancillary service endorsements. The following endorsements may be used as an updating method to meet the move update standards for First-Class™ and Standard Mail®.

Change Service Requested. Separate notice of new address or reason for nondelivery provided; in either case, address-correction fee is charged; mailpiece is not forwarded or returned but discarded by the Postal Service. This endorsement option is available for First-Class Mail only when used in conjunction with electronic ACS.

Address Service Requested. Mail is forwarded if possible, or returned if forwarding is not possible. A separate notice with new address information is provided for forwarded pieces and the address-correction fee is charged. First-Class Mail is forwarded or returned at no charge. Standard Mail is charged the weighted fee for mail that must be returned. The Weighted Fee is equal to the single-piece First-Class price multiplied by 2.472 (a one ounce letter is charged 49¢ X 2.472 = $1.2112 rounded-up to $1.22)

Return Service Requested. If UAA, the mailpiece is returned with the new address or reason for non-delivery. First-Class Mail is returned at no charge. Standard Mail is returned at the appropriate single-piece First-Class price.

Temp-Return Service Requested. This endorsement option is available for First-Class Mail only. If UAA and a temporary change-of-address have been filed, the mailpiece is forwarded at no charge. No separate notice of a new temporary change-of-address is provided.


Ancillary service endorsements may be placed under the return address (1), above the delivery address block (2), to the left of the postage area (3) or below the postage area (4) (postage stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprints). See DMM 102.4.4 for more information.

Image of envelope showing optional ancillary service endorsement locations