File Name and Description:
***New*** IMpb ACS Technical Guide
ACS™ Product Information Guide PUB 8
ACS™ Enrollment Form
(Replaces PS 3572 ACS Application - Traditional & PS 3573 ACS Application - OneCode ACS) - editable form can be completed online and printed
OneCode ACS® Technical Guide
OneCode ACS® Fulfillment Test File
Intelligent Mail® Barcode Resource Center
Contains information on creating and using the Intelligent Mail barcode required for OneCode ACS
SingleSource ACS Technical Guide
Traditional ACS™ Technical Guide
Traditional ACS™ Shipper Paid Forwarding Technical Guide
(for Parcels & Bound Printed Matter)
Traditional ACS™ Keyline Utility
Enter a keyline, see the check digit
Traditional ACS™ MOD 10 Keyline Utility with Microsoft Excel®
Traditional ACS™ Fulfillment Test File
Appendix A - Ancillary Services - Service Type IDentifier (STID) Detailed Explanation
Appendix B - ACS Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix C - ACS Product Code Information and Details
Appendix D - Glossary of ACS Terms and Acronyms
Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Web Access Request Form
ACS™ Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Download Manager documentation (Client Side)
ACS™ Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Download Manager Software (Client Side)