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2015 Price Change

The Postal Service is launching a Price Change on May 31, 2015. To view the USPS Pricing Overview Presentation click here. To obtain additional information from Postal Explorer click here. To view the Price Change Webinar click here. In preparation for the new pricing and classification changes for all market dominant mail classes and competitive products that take effect May 31, 2015, the Postal Service has scheduled two software releases for the PostalOne!® system. The first release is scheduled for May 17, 2015, to allow mailers the opportunity to submit files for mailings scheduled to mail on or after May 31.

Mail Entry Roadmap

The Mail Entry Roadmap describes the Postal Service's key initiatives to streamline the acceptance, induction, and verification of commercial mailings: Full-Service Intelligent Mail®, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance.

eDoc and Full-Service Authorization
for Software Vendors

The Postal Service has launched a voluntary process for software vendors and developers to authorize their product(s) in the Test Environment for Mailers (TEM). To get started, if you are a software vendor click here, if you are a Mail Service Provider click here.

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USPS Service Alerts

USPS Service Alerts communicates information to residential consumers and business mailers in near real-time about postal facility service disruptions due to weather-related and other natural disasters or events. Business mailers will find more detailed information on the operating status of USPS mail processing facilities and delivery units. For details on current impacted areas, click here.


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